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About Carina

WI garden visit 033I think many women like to know something about the person whose website they are looking at so here is a brief resume of who I am.

I am 58 years young and have been happily married for 19 years. I am a Christian and was ordained in 2000 shortly after getting married. Most Sundays find me leading worship at local churches which is a joy and privilege. I am heavily involved with the Philippine Independent Church with whom I was ordained as their first women deacon; and my husband Andrew and I visit the Philippines yearly to do what we can to help out there.

I have been designing and making bespoke jewellery since 2011. Each piece of jewellery I make is totally unique. My style is bold and colourful. I love pinks, purples, cobalt blue and  turquoise but obviously make jewellery in all colours.

I also run jewellery parties for groups of women where I brings hundreds of different beads and the ladies design and make their own jewellery. I’ve done this in peoples homes with their friends and family and everyone has a great time being creative while chatting, laughing and enjoying refreshments. Everyone derives great satisfaction from designing and making something that they can wear with pride or give to someone they love as a present. I also run jewellery parties for larger groups of women which has proved very popular with organizations like the WI.

In addition I make jewellery on commission taking photos of the items I’m making which I send via email to the client. Once the client is happy with what I’ve made I complete and send the order.

As a person I have a great sense of humor. I’m a positive and upbeat person who really enjoys life. I love being with people and have a large and eclectic circle of friends. I love learning about (almost)anything new, traveling, reading and spending time with friends and family. I also have a gorgeous Maltese terrier called Snowball who enjoys doing scent work in different locations. She makes me laugh daily as well as melting my heart far too often! I am president of my local WI which is a great honour.

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